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$10 off Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial
It just doesn't get any better than my NEW Advanced Optimizer Facial. Trust me, if you want to get the GLOW back in your Face...this is the Facial you should come running to get!
Skin will feel firmer, wrinkles less visible, and the contours of your face more defined. This regenerating process occurs from the hibiscus and lupine peptides, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid that is applied during your facial as well as wild rose which is packed with Vit C (one of skin's favorite anti-oxidants). To lessen the effects the environment has on skin (pollutants + toxins = fine lines and wrinkles), co-enzyme Q-10 is also used to protect cells from the free radicals we are exposed to every day. Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
Yonka Advance Optimizer Duo Products
here@ BodyResultz!
Now is the time to start your Advance Optimizer Duo at home. See resultz and enjoy Hibiscus & Lupine Peptides, increased Collagen, Amino Acids, Beech Bud, Soy, Elastin & Milk Peptides and sooo much more. Plumps, Anti-Wrinkle,Vitamin-Packed, on and on! I can hardly wait for my application before bedtime!
$10 off your choice my Top 4 Facials!!
Excellence Code Facial
Time Resist Facial
Essential White Facial
Best of Both Facial
Yessss! The Good Stuff for sure!! This is the time of year to cool your skin, hydrate, get even skin tones & BRING ON THE GLAM/GLOW! !
Call now to schedule: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Excellence Code Facial
Fabulous facial for dynamic line wrinkles, dehydrated skin & challenging hyperpigmentation. Makes your skin super moist & dewy. Top of the YONKA line for anti-aging, call now to make a big difference in your skin asap: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Essential White Facial
A dual purpose Facial. Advanced formula for ALL skin types targeting super strengths of glycolic acid, lactic acid, Vit C & hyaluronic acid + so much more to even skin tones & give smooth, tight, firm skin! Schedule now: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Time Resist Facial
Plant-based Stem Cells are essential for preserving young & beautiful skin. Dermal skin cells are at the core of the skin's firmness & elastic properties. Yonka's formula with lipoaminoacid shows excellent affinity with the skin. Start the healthy-dewy look now: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Best of Both Facial
Some of us have a few issues with our skin...and my answer to that is my "Best of Both Facial". This Facial will provide the finest in eliminating uneven skin tones, take away fine line wrinkles, give long-lasting firming effect, and leave your skin GLOWING!! Yes...I'm describing the BEST of my Essential White & Time Resist Facial!! Come & get it: 831.320.6663
Keep on Waxing
August is NOT the time to stop Waxing! Remember I have the finest in European waxes for Body & Face. The best way to avoid ingrowns & sensitive breakouts is to have a very experienced esthetician (like ME!) with excellent equipment, magnified lighting & sanitation practices to give you the best outcome. Waxing every 3 to 4 weeks will provide desired results of reduced soft, thin hair that will eventually not return.
BTW...this pic is not promoting UV exposure...just a cute suit!
Call for wax appt NOW: 831.320.6663
Gayle's Summer Facial for Guys
Summer is an awesome time for guys to get
a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.
So great to see guys keeping their beards manicured. This pic shows the "designer stubble" (or 5:00 shadow) & is usually about 1/8" or so long. This is a great length for Summer (or just clean shaven) & best for a full Facial. Fine for extractions...if it's much longer, extractions are hard to do & not very successful (in the beard area). Call for your Facial appt now! 831.320.6663
I recommend same facial selection for Men as I do for Women
Can you tell What This Is??
Yep, this is just a small assortment of the SANITATION I do before each client comes inside Body Resultz. From left to right: Surface Santitation, Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer, Touch-Free Thermometer, Touch-Free Credit Card Reader,etc., I also keep a Daily Roster of all customer info &
contact details before they enter.
My Business has always  Met or Exceeded  State Board of Cosmetology Sanitation Rules & Regulations. Rest Assured due to the Nature of our up-close & personal services I have always been Hyper-Vigilant in my Sanitation & Safety Protocols.
Our bathroom here is also Santitized throughout the day.
Happy to provide all of you a safe environment @ Body Resultz
Thank you ALL so much for your ongoing
Biz & Support!
Here's a Summertime memory from "Dirty Dancing" at Summer Camp "Occoneechee"
I hope to see you soon. Until then, Remember to wear your
SPF 30 broad spectrum protection!
Gayle Whitehead
1001 Center St #3 Santa Cruz, CA 95060
831.320.6663 www.bodyresultz.com
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