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Gayle's October Spooky Specials
@ Body Resultz Skin Care
$10 off Gayle's Excellence Code Facial

Yes...my YONKA Excellence Code Facial always gets center spotlight in the Fall/Winter here at Body Resultz as it is sooo luscious! Turn back the clock on your skin, as this Facial is designed to act on ALL signs of aging including wrinkles, firming, dark spots, dehydration &radiance. Features Yonka's Excellence Code product line & incredible Masque! Also includes 20 minutes of my Micro-Current Facial Toning in Lift Current. Don't wait to save your skin: 831.320.6663
Enjoy these treats while they last!
$10 Off Gayle's Time Resist Facial
Each period or your life calls for an anti-aging treatment. This is why YONKA's Time Resist Facial combined their Time Resist product for this new protocol.
A highly concentrated peel to boost cell renewal
A Sensory mask with immediate & long lasting firming effect
A special YONKA anti-aging massage
AND....I personally added 12 minutes of my micro-current toning in "Lift Mode"
The Resultz are spectacular! Come have this Facial ASAP! 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Essential White Facial
Still the number ONE Facial here at Body Resultz! Shouldn't surprise anyone, because it evens out skin tones (hyperpigmentation) AND it is SUPER GREAT in Anti-Aging mostly because it has a fantastic perfect blend of lactic acid, glycolic acid, ascorbic acid, and hyaluronic acid. PLUS, the aromatherapy is to die for - mostly refreshing greens like Borage, Bergamot, Sage, etc. Additionally, it incorporates the ever-popular Phyto 58...the magic that all the women in France rave about that stimulates circulation in your skin!
Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Euro+++ Facial
Well....this Facial is a "classic" here at Body Resultz. A solid basic Facial with lovely Aromatherapy, it is a favorite with Teens to Millennials...but, if you are interested in ingredients for "Anti-Aging", you should consider my other Facials described here. Schedule now: 831.320.6663
Definitely YES!!!!
Allow me to make new updates to your Skin Care for the Fall...831.320.6663
Many times it's best to start with a new Facial & a few new tricks I can add to your current skin care program. This way I can see your skin under magnification, & suggest a correction & improvement to suit your skin with current weather & exposure you are going through. I have alot of NEW products you might truly love!! Let's get started NOW so you can look better asap & through upcoming Holidays: 831.320.6663 to schedule.

Still asking if I have alot of Men
who want Facials??
Guys are usually just as interested in the personal hygiene a good Steam/Hot Towel Facial for Deep Pore Cleansing can give as any Female is. However, sometimes a friendly nudge in the right direction for them to come here to Body Resultz can be a big help Ladies! My top sellers for Guys lately is The Essential White Facial - evens out their skin tones, great anti-aging, & Aromatherapy in the greens (like Borage, Bergamot, sage, etc.).....AND, My Euro+++ Facial. Get an appointment now: 831.320.6663
Don't let this Masque Scare You!!
If you want to get your skin to rise up to the occasion of FALL....just put the correct product on in the right order. If you have normal/dry skin, put on the YONKA Booster then the Masque #105 over the top & wait 20 magical minutes before you remove the Masque. If you have oily skin, put Juvenil on first, then Masque #105 and wait 20 spectacular minutes before you remove the Masque. BOOM!!! All pictured here below!!! Ask Gayle for details: 831.320.6663
YONKA Boosters
Defense+ Hydra + Nutri+ Lift +
First Layer before Masque # 105
YONKA Juvenil
First Layer before Masque #105
YONKA Masque #105
On Top of Booster or Juvenil
Yonka's Aroma Fusion
Top Seller is the
Corsica Delight Mandarin Orange
New Top Seller Yonka product for Revitalizing - Invigorating is Phyto 58!
Please don't stop Waxing!
This is that time of year when we are still needing to wax unwanted hair...so, make the call & schedule for your wax asap! 831.320.6663
Thank you so much for your ongoing Biz & Support. Have a safe, fun Halloween & stop by for some Treats!
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Enjoy this spooky Frankenstein classic video!
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